It’s Time to Grow Up #310

“No matter what age somebody is, we all have an opportunity to grow up.” – Brian Buffini   If you really want to succeed in life, you need to have emotional maturity. In this episode,... Read More

Brian Buffini’s Bold Predictions #308

“Successful people do the work now, while everyone else is just caught up in the chaos and the speed of the market.” — Brian Buffini   In today’s challenging marketplace, real estate professionals need to... Read More

Problem Solving 101 #307

“In honing your skills of problem solving and enhancing your mindset towards problem solving, you can be so much more effective and successful, especially in the marketplace.” – Brian Buffini   If you can successfully... Read More

Truth and Honesty – by Earl Nightingale #306

“Truth and honesty are the words for success.” – Earl Nightingale   The seed for all improvement in life is truth and honesty. In this episode, Brian introduces the fourth in a series of unheard... Read More

Leadership Lessons from Motown #305

“One of the main things we need as leaders is the ability to learn and grow.” – Dermot Buffini   There are many elements to really effective leadership. In this episode, a live recording from... Read More

Have No Fear #304

“If you are experiencing fear, it means you’re human. But we need to make sure it doesn’t control us.” – Brian Buffini   Everyone experiences fear in life, but it’s meant to be a passing... Read More

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