Brian Buffini’s Bold Predictions #131

“Change is bad for the people who don’t anticipate, prepare, and work accordingly. Change is fantastic for the folks who are ready.”—Brian Buffini In a rapidly-changing marketplace, real estate professionals need to get prepared for... Read More

The Giver’s Guide to Greatness, Part 2 #130

“We judge others by their actions, we judge ourselves by our intentions.”—Stephen Covey  Giving is a powerful philosophy for business and for life. Put simply, if you give more, you get more. There is no... Read More

The Giver’s Guide to Greatness, Part 1 #129

“There can be no greater gift than giving one’s time and energy to help others without expecting any in return.”—Nelson Mandela This week, we’ll gather around the table with our loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving.... Read More

Budget or Busted #128

“A budget provides peace and security.”—Brian Buffini Whether you have more money in the bank than you know what to do with or you’re searching the couch cushions at the end of the month looking... Read More

Finding Your Golden Ticket #126

“If you want to get your power back, become more hopeful.”—Brian Buffini We could all use more hope from time to time, especially when we’re in pursuit of our dreams. However, we often lose hope... Read More

Finish First – an Interview with Scott Hamilton #125

“I’m 100% a fan of failure because at least if you’re failing, you’re trying.”—Scott Hamilton In the age of participation trophies, competition is seen as a negative thing. Scott Hamilton, Olympic champion, broadcaster and best-selling... Read More

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