Leadership Lessons from Motown #305

“One of the main things we need as leaders is the ability to learn and grow.” – Dermot Buffini   There are many elements to really effective leadership. In this episode, a live recording from... Read More

Have No Fear #304

“If you are experiencing fear, it means you’re human. But we need to make sure it doesn’t control us.” – Brian Buffini   Everyone experiences fear in life, but it’s meant to be a passing... Read More

The Immersion Method #300

“If you ever want to master anything, if you want to become successful at something, you’ve got to take a deep dive.” – Brian Buffini The best way to really conquer something is to fully... Read More

The Stories We Tell Ourselves #299

“The good life that awaits you is always better than any story you tell yourself.” – Brian Buffini   We all have a story we tell ourselves about where we are in life. Intentionally or... Read More

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