The Immersion Method #300

“If you ever want to master anything, if you want to become successful at something, you’ve got to take a deep dive.” – Brian Buffini The best way to really conquer something is to fully... Read More

The Stories We Tell Ourselves #299

“The good life that awaits you is always better than any story you tell yourself.” – Brian Buffini   We all have a story we tell ourselves about where we are in life. Intentionally or... Read More

You Can Never Win an Argument #296

“It’s okay to agree to disagree. It’s what makes the world go round!”– Brian Buffini   In today’s increasingly argumentative world, dealing with differences of opinion can be challenging. In this episode, Brian explains how... Read More

How To Bounce Back #295

 “You have to be able to bounce in the bounce back. And if you’ve got no air in the ball, the ball doesn’t bounce.” – Brian Buffini   Life is full of adversity – the... Read More

The 3 Threats to Wealth #293

“When we have cash and we don’t manage it, that cash is going to leave us.” – Brian Buffini   Money is like a gas that will always find a way to leak – no... Read More

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