Making Your Quantum Leap, Part 2 #247

“You’re more ready for a quantum leap than you know.” – Brian Buffini If you want to make extraordinary breakthroughs and achieve higher performance levels, you must take action. In this episode, the second part... Read More

Making Your Quantum Leap, Part 1 #246

“If you keep showing up and doing the right things, opportunity comes for a quantum leap.” – Brian Buffini A quantum leap is the explosive jump that a particle of matter makes in moving from... Read More

The 5 C’s of Young Achievers #244

“Young people can achieve great things. Especially when they cast off, not only the limiting beliefs of their elders, but actually the limiting beliefs they place on themselves.” – Brian Buffini Even in a challenging... Read More

Made for More #243

“It is the deepest form of courage you can have to be able to look at yourself in the mirror, learn about who you’re looking back at and be willing to go and pursue who... Read More

The Power of Persuasion #242

“The more people we can influence, the more people we can serve and help.” – Brian Buffini From negotiating to collaborating, you need persuasion to get anything done in life. In this episode, Brian takes... Read More

Focus #239

“If you pay attention to a distraction, it is a very high price you pay.” – Brian Buffini It’s very easy to become distracted and lose focus in today’s fast-paced world. In this episode, Brian... Read More

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