The establishing of a clearly defined goal is just about the most important step we can possibly take.” Earl Nightingale

If you have a clear goal in mind, you can overcome any obstacle and achieve outstanding success in your life. In this episode, Brian introduces the first in a series of unheard recordings by personal growth legend Earl Nightingale. Earl explains why, once you set a goal, life becomes easier, more fun and incalculably more rewarding.



  • Why success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.
  • How to establish a clearly defined goal.
  • Why we become what we think about.



Episode 61, The Strangest Secret – by Earl Nightingale

Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill



“Any person with a dream in his mind and heart which he has established as a worthy goal is successful.” Earl Nightingale

“Unless you can say in one concise, well-defined sentence what your goal happens to be, the chances are good that you have never really clearly defined your goal.” Earl Nightingale

“The captain of a ship cannot see his destination for fully 99% of his journey, but he knows what it is, where it is and that he’ll reach it if he keeps doing certain things a certain way every day.” Earl Nightingale

“Progressing successfully through a lifetime should be a matter of progressively setting and achieving goals, one after another, each a little better than the former.” Earl Nightingale

“In 99 times out of 100, our goal can be accomplished in the work in which we are now engaged.” Earl Nightingale

“Once we know where we’re going, we know why we get out of bed in the morning. We know why we’re working and why it’s important to do the very best work of which we’re capable.” Earl Nightingale

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