“The more focused we get, the more power we generate.” — Walter Bond

Although Walter Bond was a star basketball player in high school, it was sitting on the bench as a college freshman that taught him the lessons he’d use both on and off the court. In this episode, Brian Buffini interviews Walter Bond, former NBA star and notable presenter and business expert. Walter shares his journey from freshman benchwarmer to NBA stand-out to business leadership expert. You’ll learn why honest self-assessments are critical to reaching your true potential, how the Power of Two will help you streamline your focus and find your niche, and why success in business relies upon your people skills. By the end of the episode, you’ll be motivated to hone your skills, find your niche, achieve your potential, and succeed.

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Inspirational quotes from today’s interview:

“You can’t reach your potential without being accountable.” — Walter Bond

“My father empowered me to be accountable.” — Walter Bond

“What got you here won’t get you there.” — Brian Buffini

“New levels, new devils.” — Walter Bond

“Who we are today is a point of reference.” — Walter Bond

“Everyone was talented so I had to learn how to work.” — Walter Bond

“Always look like success, always look like money.” — Walter Bond

“It’s important in business to own a niche.” — Walter Bond

“The more focused we get, the more power we generate.” — Walter Bond

“Successful people have a core and then they have ancillary businesses to support that core.” — Walter Bond

“We’re all in the people business. You must become an expert with people.” — Walter Bond



Mentioned in the episode:

All Buts Stink! How to Live Your Best Life and Eliminate Excuses by Walter Bond



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