At the end of the day, I think, as dads, we have to just connect with who they are.” – Brian Buffini


With Father’s Day around the corner, dads everywhere are reflecting on what fatherhood means to them. In this episode, Brian and Joe Niego talk about their own experiences of fatherhood and what they have learned from parenting their kids – a total of 11 between them. Topics discussed include why kids must take ownership of their own decisions and learn to think critically, as well as advice for new parents and those who do not see their children every day.



  • Why it’s important to say no.
  • Why children should experience competition and adversity.
  • Why it’s vital to really connect with your kids.



“I think there’s a difference between being a father and being a friend.” – Joe Niego

“I think competition is good. I think it introduces failure. It introduces disappointment. It introduces teamwork.” – Brian Buffini

“Let’s not overly protect our children. Let them compete. Let them experience all the good and the bad that comes as a result of competing in the classroom, competing on the athletic field, competing in the music arena. Let them compete in life because it brings out the best in them when a parent isn’t there to save the day.” – Joe Niego

“There’s no such thing as failure. There’s only feedback.” – Joe Niego

“You’ve got to establish a culture for yourself and your own family.” – Brian Buffini

“The number one thing I know I do is we make sure we take time to talk.” – Brian Buffini

“In the short time I’ve been fathering, I see the whole idea of encouraging your kids to figure things out – critically think – pays huge dividends.” – Joe Niego

“When we deny the ownership, we deny the opportunity.” – Brian Buffini

“I think ownership implies responsibility. And we live in a culture where, you know, the parents take the responsibility, as opposed to the kids taking responsibility.” – Joe Niego

“I want them (my kids) to be owners of their own destiny.” – Joe Niego

“Don’t parent out of fear.” – Brian Buffini

“It’s all about effort.” – Joe Niego

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