We’re already in the midst of a very significant recovery.” — Brian Buffini

After an unprecedented year, real estate professionals must prepare for what 2021 has in store. In this episode, Brian gives his annual forecast for the coming year and predicts what lies ahead for the sector. Featuring an exclusive interview with Dr. Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist at the National Association of REALTORS®, this episode analyzes the most comprehensive research and data available to help agents successfully navigate upcoming changes, capitalize on future opportunities and maximize success in 2021.



  • The current state of the real estate sector.
  • Three dynamics that will affect the market going forward.
  • How to get to the next level on the real estate career path.



The National Association of REALTORS®

Episode 201, This Too Shall Pass – an Interview with Dr. Lawrence Yun

100 Days to Greatness

The Buffini Referral Network

Brian Buffini’s 2021 Real Estate Report



“The housing market has shown remarkable resiliency in 2020.” — Dr. Lawrence Yun

“Real estate: the greatest hedge against inflation ever built.” — Brian Buffini

“For the next three years, we’re going to have low interest rates, which means demand is going to be high.” — Brian Buffini

“Agents need to build a network of fellow agents.”— Brian Buffini

“You have to be a pro; you have to have your data. People buy emotionally, but they need to justify logically.” — Brian Buffini


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