I haven’t seen this cycle too many times in my 35 years in real estate, but nothing I see says we’re in a bubble or anything like it.” — Brian Buffini


In a challenging marketplace, real estate professionals need to be prepared for what lies ahead if they want to succeed and serve their clients at the highest levels. In this episode, Brian gives his mid-year evaluation of the economy and reveals his bold predictions for the industry for the next six months. He shares the most up-to-date economic data available, outlines changes happening in the marketplace and explains why agents need to become even more professional in order to capitalize on opportunities and maximize success. Featuring an exclusive interview with Dr. Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist at the National Association of REALTORS®, this episode will get you ready for what the second half of 2021 has in store.



  • The current state of the real estate industry.
  • Lawrence Yun’s analysis of the market.
  • Why it’s critical to keep updating your skills.



The National Association of REALTORS®

Episode 201, This Too Shall Pass – an Interview with Dr. Lawrence Yun

100 Days to Greatness

Buffini & Company Real Estate Report

Buffini & Company Team Coaching



“It’s an 80:20 business, or maybe now it’s a 90:10 business because one has to have that special skill to get the deals done in these unique inventory-short market conditions.” — Dr. Lawrence Yun

“Core inflation is actually rising at the highest pace in 30 years.” — Dr. Lawrence Yun

“Now we are seeing some topping out in the home sales activity in recent months. That is to say, we are beginning to see sales approaching pre-pandemic levels.” — Dr. Lawrence Yun

“Don’t expect any persistent price decline. It may occur just temporarily. Even that temporary price decline may not occur, but if it was to occur it is just simply a second chance opportunity for some buyers who have been outbid by others.”  — Dr. Lawrence Yun

“Our commitment at Buffini & Company is to try to make as many agents as we can as professional as we can, as productive as we can, as successful as we can.” — Brian Buffini

“You want to get paid like a pro, you have to practice like a pro. You have to have the skills of a pro, and then you get paid like one.” — Brian Buffini

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