Successful people do the work now, while everyone else is just caught up in the chaos and the speed of the market.” Brian Buffini


In today’s challenging marketplace, real estate professionals need to be prepared if they want to win. In this episode, Brian reveals his bold predictions for the industry for the next year. He shares the most up-to-date economic data available, outlines changes happening in the marketplace and explains why agents need to become even more professional if they want to better serve their clients, capitalize on opportunities and maximize success. Featuring an exclusive interview with Dr. Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist at the National Association of REALTORS®, this episode will help you stand out amongst the competition and get you ready for what 2022 has in store.



  • The current state of the real estate industry.
  • Lawrence Yun’s analysis of the market.
  • The importance of good habits to a good year.



The National Association of REALTORS®

Episode 201, This Too Shall Pass – an Interview with Dr. Lawrence Yun


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“We are now beginning to see something of a mini surge. That is to say that this autumn and winter could be the second best in 15 years.” — Dr. Lawrence Yun

“For multiple consecutive years we had this falling inventory. But now we will turn the corner.” — Dr. Lawrence Yun

“The Federal Reserve has clearly signaled that the days of loose monetary policy are coming to an end.” — Dr. Lawrence Yun

“Make hay while the sun shines. The winter and the summer are going to be as busy as you’ve ever experienced and you need to work hard, focus on the fundamentals, invest some and put some money away.” — Brian Buffini

“Inflation puts a hole in the bucket. What will that create for real estate? Increased demand.”  — Brian Buffini

“2022 is a very, very important year as a real estate professional.” — Brian Buffini

“The real estate business is raging hot. And I understand people are working as hard as they can. But there’s an old phrase that says even a turkey can fly in a hurricane. And when the wind starts to slow down, if you’re a turkey up to 200 feet, you’re going to be Thanksgiving dinner.” — Brian Buffini

“The fact of the matter is you’ve got to learn how to fly. The fact of the matter is you’ve got to put your fundamentals in place, you’ve got to prepare not only to take advantage of this year, but you’ve got to put your business in a position to absolutely prosper coming out of the end of this market. This time next year, it will be a changed real estate landscape.” — Brian Buffini


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