“My job is to point out what’s coming so that you can navigate and win.”
– Brian Buffini

 Are you ready for what 2020 has in store? The real estate sector is undergoing a time of unprecedented change, and there will be more challenges in the year ahead. In this episode, Brian shares his bold predictions for the market in 2020 by using the most up-to-date research to cut through the clutter and analyze the state of the market, the industry and the agent. If you want to know what to expect, how to effectively and easily deal with upcoming changes and how to capitalize on future opportunities, then this podcast is for you!


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Inspirational quotes from today’s interview:

“My job is to point out what’s coming so that you can navigate and win.” – Brian Buffini

“Buyers are more anxious than ever before. You have to be very confident, you have to be very reassuring and you’ve got to know your facts.” – Brian Buffini

“Talking to clients during negative news cycles – that’s what you’re going to have to become expert at.” – Brian Buffini

“As a pro, you need to be able to bring perspective. It needs to be based in truth; it needs to be based in fact. You need to be prepared for it; you need to get skilled for it.” – Brian Buffini

“Real estate is being disrupted as we speak.”  – Brian Buffini

“The market will always find efficiencies.” – Brian Buffini

“Disruption can be a good thing.”  – Brian Buffini

“Disruption starts with unhappy customers, not technology. Technology is not something to be feared. It’s something that helps.” – Brian Buffini

“Disruption happens because unhappy customers happen…customers are not getting their needs met.” – Brian Buffini

“The key component is how we focus on our customers. This, to me, is a silent disruption to our industry.” – Brian Buffini

“The way to succeed? Get in the consumer game.” – Brian Buffini

“We all have to get back to the customer – that’s who our boss is, that’s who we work for.” – Brian Buffini

“Work on your skills…I have never seen agents this poorly trained, this poorly skilled.” – Brian Buffini

“The more we erode the skills, the more opportunity that arises for the truly skilled.” – Brian Buffini

“You’ve got to hustle!” – Brian Buffini

“We want success without work, we want money without sacrifice – it’s just not the way the world works.” – Brian Buffini

“The most referable skill is negotiation.” – Brian Buffini

“If you create inventory, you can control your own business.” – Brian Buffini

“Superior is a discernible differentiation. Don’t just give people what they paid for…give everybody more than they paid for.” – Brian Buffini

“You can do this! If you have a desire to serve people, you can do it.” – Brian Buffini

“You can have a great business, you can have a great life and you can serve your customers in a fantastic way. That, ultimately, is the boldest prediction I have.” – Brian Buffini


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