“The secret to managing our self-talk well is using combinations of tools.” Ethan Kross

Some of the most important conversations we ever have are with ourselves. In this episode, Brian interviews Ethan Kross about his book, “Chatter.” Ethan explains why we all have an inner voice and how we can learn to harness it to live a healthier, more satisfying and more productive life. Topics discussed include: distance self-talk, temporal distancing, the power and peril of other people, invisible support and the Nadal Principle.



  • Why we can lose perspective when trying to solve a problem.
  • Why small shifts in how we think can make a huge difference.
  • Which tools we can use to rein in our mental chatter.



Chatter,” By Ethan Kross

Episode 40, Getting Caught Talking to Yourself

What to Say When You Talk to Yourself,” by Shad Helmstetter

Man’s Search for Meaning,” Viktor E. Frankl

The Energy Bus,” by Jon Gordon



“Language can be our friend.” Ethan Kross

“Sometimes it’s just a gentle nudge to think differently that can make a difference.” Ethan Kross

“We can often give advice to others better than we can follow that advice ourselves. So other people are in a prime position to help us work through our chatter.” Ethan Kross

“When you’re struggling with chatter, be very deliberate about who you seek out support from.” Ethan Kross

“There are things we can do in the world around us that influence the things happening between our ears.” Ethan Kross

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