Marketing is not about being clever. It’s not about being manipulative. It’s about connecting the dots.” Kyle Wilson


Jim Rohn’s former agent Kyle Wilson is one of the best marketing consultants and promoters in the world. In this episode, Brian interviews Kyle about the powerful strategies he has used over many years to help the top speakers in the personal growth and development field to expand both their audience and their influence. Topics discussed include: How he discovered his entrepreneurial spirit at a young age, how he came to partner with his mentor and why he believes you must bring value to the marketplace if you want to be successful.



  • The most important lessons Jim Rohn taught him.
  • The key principles for successful promotion.
  • The biggest mistakes business owners make.


Contact Kyle to get your free book!

Email with the subject line “Success Habits”



“Success Habits of Super Achievers,” by Kyle Wilson

Success Habits of Super Achievers podcast

Why the Best Are the Best,” by Kevin Eastman

“Groundhog Day,” movie



“For things to get better, you have to get better.” Jim Rohn

“Jim taught me to be a farmer. He taught me not to go hot but to farm, and that the true compounding effect comes when you sow into things that will compound over time.”Kyle Wilson

“For me, everything gets down to the value proposition. If I can bring value to a relationship, and vice versa, then we can go do something.” Kyle Wilson

“A huge part of marketing is knowing what your purpose is and what your goals are. And then just connect the dots.” Kyle Wilson

“You might have the greatest service, you might have the greatest heart for your customer, but if you don’t promote, it doesn’t matter. If you build it, they won’t come. You’ve got to build it – and now you’ve got to promote it.” Brian Buffini

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