Doing things based on what other people think of you is dangerous. It’s super-dangerous and it crushes dreams.” Terrell Davis


Everyone experiences defining moments in life. In this episode, Brian talks to former professional football player Terrell Davis about the moments in his life that have shaped him. Terrell describes how, with grit and determination, he reacted and responded to a series of challenges and opportunities: from the difficulties of his youth, to the ups and downs of his college football career and, finally, to his NFL success.



  • Why he hit rock bottom.
  • How he readjusted his mindset.
  • How he made the biggest play of his life.



The Shawshank Redemption



“It’s easy to be really bad. And, if you’re focused, you could be really good. But being ‘just good enough’ to not make ripples – that is almost impossible.” Brian Buffini

“There’s no way you can just be ‘good enough.’” Terrell Davis

“You never know how life is going to turn out. You never know what the twists and turns are. It’s always darkest before the dawn.” Brian Buffini

“A lot of people can relate to setbacks, failures and also, when given the opportunity, not stepping up to bat. And I just think in God’s good timing, we always seem to get another opportunity and we never know when it’s coming. Even when we think we have it all figured out.”  Brian Buffini

“Everybody has defining moments. Everybody has this fear of success. Everybody has these opportunities. Everybody needs a coach. Everyone needs someone to believe in. But, when the time comes, we’ve got to put the hot dog down and do what we can.” Brian Buffini

“Be true to the game and the game will be true to you.” Coach Frank White

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