“As a leader, you’re the tip of the spear for change.” — Greg Lucier 

One of the most successful CEOs in the U.S., Greg Lucier has led companies including General Electric, Life Technologies (now ThermoFisher Scientific) and NuVasive to success. However, what stands out most is how he’s handled the challenges he’s faced along the way.

In this Takeover Tuesday episode, Dermot Buffini and Greg discuss success and leadership. Greg delves into his journey from the Philadelphia suburbs to Harvard Business School to his start at GE during the era of Jack Welch. He shares the three lessons he learned at GE, the biggest mistake he made during his transition to Life Technologies and the daily habits that keep him sharp and healthy.

You’ll learn the five must-have characteristics of successful leaders, why self-awareness is vital to becoming an effective leader, and the one thing parents must instill in their children in order for them to thrive. Whether you’re currently leading a business, an aspiring leader or raising future leaders, you won’t want to miss this episode.

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Inspirational quotes from today’s interview:

“Culture is actually teamwork. If you have a great team, you can be in a room with white walls and no pictures and actually feel awesome.” — Greg Lucier

“As a leader, you’re the tip of the spear for change.” — Greg Lucier

“Visions are easy to come up with; achieving them is hard.” — Greg Lucier

“The ability to understand abstract concepts will become critically important.” — Greg Lucier

“Leaders have the don’t quit mentality because they believe they matter and if they pull themselves out, it’s not going to work.” — Greg Lucier

“Our goal as elders is to create a world where kids leave their house and have a good launch. If nothing else, a good sense of self confidence. If parents aren’t thinking of that one thing to launch their kids, they’ve missed it all.” — Greg Lucier

“Transitions are important in your career; but always make sure you walk out the front door.” — Greg Lucier


Mentioned in the episode:
The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris


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