“…to reach our fullest potential, we need to stop trying to change who we are and instead become more of who we are.” — Sally Hogshead

We live in an age of the short attention span. If you want to stand out in the market, it’s essential to differentiate yourself and show how you add value to your clients and solve their problems. At the center of this is the question: How does the world see you and the strengths you offer? In this episode, Brian Buffini interviews Sally Hogshead, branding expert and pioneer of the groundbreaking Fascination Advantage® system. A master communicator, Sally has conducted extensive research into the most common personality traits and has discovered how people and well-known brands can use their strengths to provide value and set themselves apart from their competition. You’ll learn why people have trouble identifying the value they offer the world, the two ways to tell if you’re motivated and how to develop the language necessary to separate yourself from your competitors.

Inspirational quotes from today’s interview: 

“In order for anyone to reach the absolute fullest potential, we need to stop trying to change who we are and instead we have to become more of who we are. The problem is that so many people professionally and personally water down their most distinctive traits.” — Sally Hogshead

“When a brand waters down its most distinctive traits it becomes a commodity.” — Sally Hogshead

“Every time we communicate, we’re doing one of two things—we’re either adding value or we’re taking up space.” — Sally Hogshead

“When you add value, people want to work with you, they seek you out because you do something that’s distinct.” — Sally Hogshead

“We want to make sure that we’re constantly adding value.” — Sally Hogshead

“It’s impossible for us to see how the world sees us objectively. We don’t see us as the world sees us; we see us as we see us.” — Sally Hogshead

“I help people see how they’re most primed to add value. Show them what makes them different.” — Sally Hogshead

“Different is better than better.” — Sally Hogshead

“If they can’t describe how you are at your best, they can’t refer you.” — Sally Hogshead

“Our value is so natural to us that we don’t see it.” — Brian Buffini.

“The more specific you can be, the more you can develop language.” — Sally Hogshead

“What is the client’s problem for which you are the perfect solution? If you can identify why you are the perfect solution, you can quickly and succinctly identify why you are of the highest value.” — Sally Hogshead

“I’m not a routine oriented person so I’ve surrounded myself with teams and systems to help. It reduces stress and allows me to do what I do best, which is to make connections.” — Sally Hogshead

“What do you need so that you can contribute at your highest value? Protect it like any other asset. If you’re not able to be seen at your best, you can damage your brand.” — Sally Hogshead

“Fascinate your customers so they don’t go to someone else in the market.” — Sally Hogshead

“No compassion without pain.” — Brian Buffini


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