“If nothing else, it’s a good story later on.” -Brian Buffini

Whether it’s a listing appointment or a first date, there are times when you know early on a deal isn’t in the cards, but it’s too early to call it off. What results is often a great story, one to tell and retell for years to come. In this short episode, Brian Buffini talks about the time he and his wife tried to find a new family pet and ended up with a story they still laugh about to this day. You’ll learn why it’s important to speak the same language as your guard dog, the importance of asking questions and why it’s essential to have a laugh, even when the circumstances aren’t the greatest.

“At the end of the day, worry less. Trust more in the process and enjoy the journey.” – Brian Buffini

“If nothing else it’s a good story later on.” – Brian Buffini

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