“We set a blueprint from the beginning.” — Beverly Buffini

Brian and Beverly Buffini continue the conversation from the last episode, this time turning the conversation toward their children. The second most common question they receive is “What’s the secret to raising successful children?” While they’re reluctant to offer a one-size-fits-all answer, there are a few things parents can do to ensure their children find and fulfill their purpose in life. In this episode, Brian and Beverly answer questions about children and relationships from clients and followers on social media. They share what it’s like to raise six children, the importance of sticking to the blueprint they created for their family and how they’ve motivated their children to succeed. You’ll learn about the one thing every child needs, how to prepare children for the challenges of life and why it’s essential to model the values you want your children to cultivate. Whether you’re a parent or hope to be one someday, this is an episode you’ll want to listen to again and again.


Inspirational quotes from today’s interview:

“You’ve got to remember not to put a middle-aged head on a teenaged body.” — Brian Buffini

“There’s a toughness it takes to be positive in today’s world” — Brian Buffini

“A grateful heart is an open heart.” — Brian Buffini

“Appeal to the mind, appeal to the heart and then demonstrate it.” — Brian Buffini

“The key component is to look beyond yourself and realize it’s what motivates them and what’s important to them.” — Brian Buffini

“When you don’t see them motivated or inspired by anything, just encourage them.” — Beverly Buffini

“One day if you keep showing up and doing stuff and trying stuff, you’ll find something that really lights you up.” — Brian Buffini

“Find out what is truly the interest of the kid and build that up.” — Brian Buffini

“Our goal is not to be your friend; it’s to be your parent.” —  Brian Buffini

“Once you know you can parent your children and you have the right and authority to train and equip them for life, you have the wisdom to make those decisions on a daily basis.” — Beverly Buffini

“What are the principles you’re teaching?” — Brian Buffini

“Everyone has a purpose and it’s our job as parents to help our kids fulfill that purpose. You’re building a cathedral.” — Brian Buffini

“Find out what their interest is and get involved. It’s worth it to try to motivate and inspire them.” — Beverly Buffini

“What every child craves is consistency.” — Brian Buffini

“What can you bring order to and what can you be consistent on?” — Brian Buffini

“When your values are clear, your decisions are easy.” — Brian Buffini

“Over time, do one new thing in the week that coincides with your family vision.” — Beverly Buffini

“You put one another’s interests first.” — Brian Buffini

“We grow stronger together.” — Beverly Buffini

“My life’s work is secondary to the heart of my life, which is my wife and kids.” — Brian Buffini

“Stay connected by learning and staying engaged with each other’s interests.” — Beverly Buffini

“Have the crucial conversations before they become crisis conversations.” — Brian Buffini


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