“You can do it, but you gotta have your mind made up.” — Therese Buffini

What do all successful people have in common? They’ve made up their minds to win long before the first victory. In this episode, Brian discusses the power of a made up mind and shares inspiring stories from his own life and the lives of people who’ve defied the odds.

You’ll learn five benefits of harnessing the power of your own made-up mind, how to turn negative feedback into lessons, and the importance of making a decision, no matter how big or small.

Brian also asks the two questions to consider when you want to make up your mind to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re struggling to reach your goals or you just want to get motivated to thrive in 2017, this is an episode you don’t want to miss.


Inspirational quotes from today’s podcast:

“You can do it, but you gotta have your mind made up.” — Therese Buffini

“Inside all books of success and all stories of victories, there are chapters of failure.” — Brian Buffini

“Even though you may stop for a while, when your mind is made up you never, ever give up.” — Brian Buffini

“If you’re giving up, your mind is not made up.” — Brian Buffini

“A human being whose mind is made up is a force of nature in this world.” — Brian Buffini

“The feedback we get from making those decisions becomes part of your story.” — Brian Buffini

“If you have a strong enough “why,” you can endure any “how.”” — Viktor Frankl


Mentioned in this episode:

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl


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