“I refuse to go about any day other than all in.” — Diana Nyad

Although she had a successful broadcasting career, Diana Nyad is best known for her multiple attempts to swim from Cuba to Florida, finally achieving her goal at the age of 64. In this episode, recorded at the MasterMind Summit, Diana Nyad weaves a motivational tale of achieving success after multiple failures. She shares her journey as a small child who dreamed of being a champion to the heartbreak of losing her first race to the existential crisis the led to her attempting the 111-mile swim from Cuba to Florida at the age of 60. Diana’s gift for storytelling places you in the middle of the action of each attempt and is sure to inspire you to reconnect with your goals by the end of the hour.


Inspirational quotes from today’s interview:

“I am a fanatic. That’s how people get ahead in life because they’re fanatics.” — Diana Nyad

“There’s a beautiful star, it’s your dream, it’s in your soul and it inspires you so much even though it may be unreachable, untouchable, impossible. You dig down with all that’s in you, month by month and year by year, with focus and with discipline and one day, you may not actually touch that star of yours but by then you’re up in the heavens playing in rarified air.” — Diana Nyad

“I couldn’t have done it a fingernail faster.” — Diana Nyad

“Every day in my life, no matter what I do, succeed or not, do everything I do, not a fingernail better.” — Diana Nyad

“I loved coming to the other shore and being a person who just didn’t quit.” — Diana Nyad

“It was will alone that helped me swim another 18 hours.” — Diana Nyad

“I was always chasing after other people who were chasing their dreams.” — Diana Nyad

“It’s not about making it; it’s about not giving up on it.” — Diana Nyad

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” — Henry David Thoreau


Mentioned in this episode:

EverWalk; Diana Nyad’s walk across America to inspire people to get out from behind the screen and get moving.


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