Every achievement in life depends on how you use your time.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

Many of us would like to be better organized, but we’re not sure where or how to start. In this episode, recorded in April 1998, Brian interviews organizational expert Dr. Alex Lackey about the secrets of effective organization in business and in life. You’ll learn many time-management gems such as how to stay on track, avoid time wasters and be productive, not just busy. By the end of this impactful episode, you’ll have all you need to become a master organizer!

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Inspirational quotes from today’s interview:

“Continually ask yourself: What is the best use of my time right now?” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“Do it now.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“Problems fester the longer it takes.”– Dr. Alex Lackey

“Make decisions immediately when possible.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“If you can’t come up with anything else, come up with ‘maybe’.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“The number one thing that keeps us off task is ourselves.” – Brian Buffini

“People spend all their time getting organized instead of doing it.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“We have too many tools. We have too many side-tracks and rabbit trails.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“What you need to do is decide where you’re going and stick to it.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“We can all be very, very busy but oftentimes we’re not being as productive as we’re capable of being.” – Brian Buffini

“The more cluttered we get, the less we do.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“Rather than get organized, get going and, while you’re going, get organized.” – Brian Buffini

“Work contracts or expands to fit the time allowed for it.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“Every achievement in life depends on how you use your time.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“The same time management that gives you achievement also gives you freedom.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“It’s not how much time you spend, it’s how you spend your time.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“You can go around in circles and never really get there. A really important thing in your planning is to set your goals and know where you’re headed.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“Plan details – the steps, the deadlines. Plan that calendar in reverse.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“Put the rubber to the road and fulfil your plan.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“Put in your time schedule to provide time for creative thinking and planning.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“Say regularly – ‘did that work’?” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“Check up on yourself.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“If one thing doesn’t work then you’re going to try another, but you’re going to constantly keep evaluating.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“In the checking and the evaluating, wash the stars out of your eyes. Keep looking up there at that peak…but also get realistic.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“Get input from others.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“There is nothing more important than effective communication.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“I don’t care what your product is, if you can’t get it across you’ve lost.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“Say what you mean and mean what you say.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“You have to be ready to change, that’s why you have to be up to date.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“Be realistic in your expectations of yourself and of others.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“Don’t expect to sing at Carnegie Hall if you can’t carry a tune!” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“Do what you’re designed to do.” – Brian Buffini

“Know your strengths and your weaknesses. Where you are strong, develop it. Where you are weak…get help.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“Time is life.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“Watch for and catch tendencies that are not on track and nip them in the bud.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“Stay creative. Don’t let the cookie-cutter mold get you.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“Take some time for contemplation.” – Brian Buffini

“Be creative in your approach, your solutions and your service.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“Get in shape.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“You gotta laugh!” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“Keep an outward focus.” – Dr. Alex Lackey

“The best way to minimize your own problems is to support and be positive in encouraging others.” – Dr. Alex Lackey


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