“Know where the goal is, then we can create a plan to get there.” — Michael Stromsness

Many of us want to get into shape or lose weight but, despite our best efforts, we often get off track or even give up altogether. In this episode, Brian interviews his personal trainer, Michael Stromsness, and reveals the secrets of his fitness journey. The founder and owner of Neutrility Gym and a trained chiropractor, Michael explains why building a strong foundation, discovering the ‘why’ behind your goals, and putting a solid plan in place are the keys to success.

Brian also reveals how untreated sports injuries led to a cycle of discouragement, how the unique Triple R system recalibrated his beliefs about exercise, and why being fit helps him physically, emotionally, and mentally.

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Inspirational quotes from today’s interview:

“People put goals out there with no meaning behind them… know where the goal is, then we can create a plan to get there.” — Michael Stromsness

“So many of us start out with an unrealistic goal and an unrealistic timeframe.” — Brian Buffini

“The truth is, we want the outcome, but we don’t want the process.” — Brian Buffini

“If you’re being physically active and eating better, you’re going to have more energy and less stress.” — Michael Stromsness

“As you’re improving one part of your life, the other parts can improve too.” — Michael Stromsness

“Being physically fit and healthy improves every part of your life.” — Michael Stromsness

“Say you’re building a house. If you have a good foundation you can get away with some shoddy work…but if you have a bad foundation, it doesn’t matter how well you finish that house…eventually things will start to go a little off.” — Michael Stromsness

“The foundation for our body is to be able to breathe correctly…to be able to activate our core correctly…and to be able to load our feet.” — Michael Stromsness

“Slow and steady wins the race.” — Brian Buffini

“It’s about attacking what you need to attack…you can aggressively attack things, but it has to be in the correct sequence.” — Michael Stromsness

“The stronger we get, the more resilient we get.” — Michael Stromsness

“We can have the greatest workout in the world, but if our nutrition isn’t supporting our workout, then we’re just running our wheels.” — Michael Stromsness

“I found myself becoming discouraged over time by doing the wrong things.” — Brian Buffini

“It’s a balance. It’s 100 percent working out and it’s 100 percent nutrition. You’re not going to outwork a bad diet. And a good diet is not going to replace working out.” — Michael Stromsness

“You could have a great race car, but if you dump water in the gas tank, that car is not going to drive.” — Michael Stromsness

“If you’re doing all the right exercises, but you’re not eating or you’re eating garbage, you’re not going to perform.” — Michael Stromsness

“Going to the gym used to be a grind – now it’s part of my routine and lifestyle.” — Brian Buffini


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