“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.” — David Allen

David Allen’s Getting Things Done® work-life management system is a global productivity movement that helps people bring order to the chaos in their businesses and their lives. In this episode, Brian interviews David about how the GTD® system enables greater performance, capacity and innovation. If you want to discover how to alleviate the feeling of overwhelm and become more focused, clear and confident then this podcast is a must!

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Inspirational quotes from today’s interview:

“I love systemization because I believe freedom comes with that.” — Brian Buffini

“The culture is designed to overwhelm you today.” — Brian Buffini

“How you are engaged with the world is the issue.” — David Allen

“Productivity is simply achieving desired results.” — David Allen

“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.” — David Allen

“Your head can handle about four things max before it starts to feel overwhelmed and confused.” — David Allen

“Education without implementation is merely entertainment.” — Brian Buffini

“People think a lot, but most of that thinking is of a problem, not about it.” — David Allen

“There’s a difference between efficient and effective.” — Brian Buffini

“At the deepest level, you are a purposeful spirit.” — David Allen

“Pay attention to what has your attention, start to engage with it appropriately and it opens space.” — David Allen

“I’ve always been fascinated … by what you couldn’t see and how it affected what you could.” — David Allen

“We are spiritual beings, but we’re here in the material world.” — David Allen

“We are here to finish what we’ve put in motion and be accountable for that.” — David Allen

“Completion and creativity: that’s really the essence of what Getting Things Done® is all about.” — David Allen

“The people who are truly most tapped into being are big doers.” — David Allen

“There is a very clear relationship between accountability and creativity.” —David Allen

“Most to-do lists are just the beginning of the first step of the GTD® process.” — David Allen

“You capture, then you clarify and then you organize the results of that thinking in some trusted place.” — David Allen

“If you want to be terrific, you’ve got to be specific.” — Brian Buffini


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