“So many of these goals are attainable – the key is laying the foundation and having a strategy for one step at a time.” — Angelo Poli

The New Year is a time when many of us make resolutions to improve and change our lives. In this special episode, Dermot Buffini, CEO of Buffini & Company, interviews Angelo Poli, an internationally recognized expert in fitness and nutrition. Founder of MetPro, the world’s first algorithm based weight-loss engine, Poli explains the philosophy behind his pioneering evaluation-based approach to weight management and fitness. Dermot also reveals what inspired him to change his habits, how his new routine has fundamentally altered his relationship with food and transformed his lifestyle, and how his improved health and fitness has impacted his productivity as a leader and CEO.

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Inspirational quotes from today’s interview:

“The secret is routine.” — Angelo Poli

“Even if life happens and you deviate, as long as your routine is in place, you will slide back into habits and strategy.”— Angelo Poli

“My mindset was all or nothing. But this system has the reality of life built into it…it has grace. If I blow this meal, I just need to get the next one right.” — Dermot Buffini

“I don’t have to think about my choices—they are already made for me. That’s what a healthy routine should be. And I have a coach to remind me that when I step out of the routine, I must step back in.” — Dermot Buffini

“Most in the weight loss / diet industry are genuine in their desire to help people get healthy. But some vital pieces are getting left out—and that is how the metabolism responds to dieting.” — Angelo Poli

“When you have a passion for helping others, the person that can sacrifice the most is yourself.” — Dermot Buffini

“When you make yourself available to yourself, you’re far more available to others.” — Dermot Buffini

“The acronym for the average American diet is SAD.” — Dermot Buffini

“I used to work out and reward myself with something bad. Now the reward for me is the outcome of the exercise.” — Dermot Buffini

“All the best leaders make self care their highest priority and it is the most strategic thing they can do for their business.” — Mike Foster, emotional fitness coach

“There’s lots of help in this world if you can just find people you can put your name to.” — Dermot Buffini

“So many of these goals are attainable – the key is laying the foundation and having a strategy for one step at a time.” — Angelo Poli

“We feel privileged to be able to help people with an evaluation based system that teaches them the next step.” —Angelo Poli

“I don’t believe in absolutes. There never has to be absolutes. What there is is routine and habit.” — Angelo Poli

“The time to change your health is right now.” — Dermot Buffini



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