“When you’re in a funk, it’s time to go back to the fundamentals of personal growth and development, because I believe the greatest way to get out of a funk is to grow.” – Brian Buffini

Life is designed to have peaks and valleys. We all have highs and lows along the way – that just means we’re human. In this episode, Brian explains why everyone experiences a funk sometimes and how to best get past it. Topics discussed include: the three kinds of funks that exist; why positive self-talk matters; the difference between isolation and solitude; and why you must be careful what you read, watch and listen to.




  • Reasons why you can get into a funk.
  • How to navigate a funk when there is no instant fix.
  • Steps to take to get out of a funk.



Chatter,” by Ethan Kross

What to Say When You Talk to Yourself,” by Shad Helmstetter

Episode 40, Getting Caught Talking to Yourself

Boundaries,” by Henry Cloud

Episode 61, The Strangest Secret – by Earl Nightingale

Episode 200, As a Man Thinketh

Episode 220, Napoleon Hill’s Powerful Principles for Perilous Times



“We have highs, we have lows, we have times we’re fired up, we have times when we’re just at the bottom. There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re human.” Brian Buffini

“It takes grit to be relentlessly positive.” Brian Buffini

“Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love.” Brené Brown

“We all need people. And we all do better with people.” Brian Buffini

“One of the most life-giving things in the world is to serve somebody else.” Brian Buffini


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