“All of life is about relationships. It has to do with the capacity to love and to be loved.”
– Joe Ehrmann


All of us long to love and be loved, but giving and receiving love is also one of the most difficult challenges we face in life. In this episode, the first in a special series of six, Brian and Joe Ehrmann teach why we must better understand and love ourselves so that we can love other people and receive love in return. Topics discussed include how damaging ideals of masculinity and femininity are passed from generation to generation; how we can recognize and reject these false concepts of who and what we are; and how we can correct and redefine our models for humanity, improve our relationships and discover our true purpose.





  • Three lies of the false self for men.
  • Three lies of the false self for women.
  • Two criteria to measure success as a human being.



Season of Life,” by Jeffrey Marx

InSideOut Initiative



“All of us have been wounded on life’s journey, and we’ve got to find some kind of healing so that we can be connected to people at our deepest levels, intimately with our souls and with care and compassion and with empathy.” – Joe Ehrmann

“We’ve got all these young boys and girls looking for all the wrong things in each other and none of them feeling good about who and what they are, because there’s this tremendous sense that ‘I don’t measure up’.” – Joe Ehrmann

“If you don’t come to grips with your own woundedness and your own pain, your own false concepts and false self-identity, then these problems are going to go from generation to generation.” – Joe Ehrmann

“If you haven’t been relationally successful, life ends up becoming extremely unfulfilling. You can only measure success in terms of relationships.” – Joe Ehrmann

“At the end of your life, you ought to be able to look back over and know that the world is a different place, a better place because you lived, you loved and you were involved, and you live that as some kind of other centered purpose.” – Joe Ehrmann

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