Kids expect beauty all day long. They just expect greatness. They expect today is going to be Christmas again.” John O’Leary


As kids, we see the world with excitement and believe anything is possible. As we grow older, however, many of us lose that sense of delight. We become jaded and disconnected, no longer eagerly jumping into new experiences, but simply enduring every day. In this episode, Brian interviews John O’Leary about his new book, “In Awe.” John explains how to again tap into our childlike sense of wonder and become more engaged, successful and fulfilled in our lives.





  • Five senses children innately possess that we’ve lost touch with as we age.
  • Inspirational stories that show how to reclaim childlike joy.
  • Why seeing through a child’s eyes changes how we interact with the world.



Episode 002, An Interview with John O’Leary

In Awe,” by John O’Leary

Cardinals Hall of Fame broadcaster Jack Buck’s post 9/11 speech

Boys & Girls Clubs of America



“Write down what you’re grateful for. In taking inventory of what you have, you’re more likely to multiply the very things that matter most.” – John O’Leary

“Expect great things in your life and in the lives of those you serve and you love. Just don’t be surprised when you actually move in the direction of making it so.” – John O’Leary

“I love how you say in the book, ‘kids bring their baseball glove to the game.’ And even though there’s thousands of people in the stands, they actually expect they’re going to catch a ball. And here’s the point: Are we even bringing our glove to the game?”  – Brian Buffini

“When you’re at work, work like a dog. When you’re at home, play like a puppy.” – John O’Leary

“The way a child sees life is the way we must again see the reflection in the mirror.” – John O’Leary

“For me, freedom is being available to show up and be fully present to those in your life that matter.” – John O’Leary

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