“Do the right thing. If you follow that principle, everything else is secondary.”

— Rick DeLuca

From pro baseball, to Navy SEAL, to undercover cop, to speaker and trainer… To say industry leader and motivational speaker, Rick DeLuca, has lived a fascinating life would be an understatement. In this candid interview, Buffini & Company CEO, Dermot Buffini, asks Rick DeLuca to share the “little known” behind his story and what he’s learned along the way.

Rick delves into his childhood growing up the son of a successful salesman; his colorful career in law enforcement, including time spend undercover with a biker gang; and the impact of the personal losses he’s faced in his life.

You’ll learn the advice Rick heard from legendary coach, Tommy Lasorda; the timeless advice his father gave him to achieve success in sales; why growth and relationships are essential to a lasting career in real estate; and more about Devin’s Destiny, the non-profit organization he started to honor his son.

Regardless of your level of success in business, you’re sure to glean great advice from DeLuca’s remarkable life.


Inspirational quotes from today’s interview:

“Don’t try to be the answer to their prayers until you know what they’re praying for.” — Rick DeLuca

“You can compartmentalize, but you have to be careful when you close that door that you don’t put a lock on it and throw away the key.” — Rick DeLuca

“I learned how to sell real estate by answering the phone.” — Rick DeLuca

“The worst part about a hot market is it can create horrible work habits.” — Rick DeLuca

“The problem with many activities is you don’t have a target.” — Pete DeLuca

“Take a few days and write down every facet of the business… Once you have a list, become aware of what the average agent does in each one of those areas. Once you know what the average agent does, it puts you in a position to do more than the average agent.” — Pete DeLuca

“In order to make it big, you have to do more than the average agent.” — Rick DeLuca

“You never really know anything until you teach it.” — Rick DeLuca

“The ideas haven’t changed; the tools have changed.” — Rick DeLuca

“Real estate is still a relationship business.” — Rick DeLuca

“The relationship is the key.” — Rick DeLuca

“If the worst happens, can you look in a mirror and say ‘there’s nothing I didn’t try’?” — Rick DeLuca

“You never get over it. You learn to live with it.” — Rick DeLuca

“Do the right thing. If you follow that principle, everything else is secondary.” — Rick DeLuca


Mentioned in the episode:

A Passion for Excellence by Tom Peters and Nancy Austin

Devin’s Destiny, the non-profit foundation Rick and his family created to honor his son, which throws birthday parties for homeless children in Central Oregon.

Learn more about Rick DeLuca: Rick DeLuca Seminars


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