“To be successful, you have to start with your mindset. I’ve yet to meet a rich pessimist.” —Ben Stewart

Taking control of your financial future is as simple as: 1. Work, 2. Spend less than you make and 3. Invest. In this episode, Brian Buffini invites a panel of financial and real estate experts to share their valuable experiences and timeless tips for building long-term wealth.

The panel includes top Realtor, Joe Niego, who shares his tips for investing in real estate; Ben Stewart, President of Stewart Wealth Managament, who shares his best advice for investing wisely; and San Diego Realtor, Jamie Hopkins, who discusses owning short-term/vacation rental properties.

You’ll learn why your mindset is crucial to a successful investment strategy, why investing should be viewed as another business and the top three mistakes people make when purchasing a short-term rental property. If you’re ready to take the next step on the journey to financial freedom, you won’t want to miss this episode.


Inspirational quotes from today’s interview:

“The way to get ahead in life is to work” –Brian Buffini

“Spend less than you make.”—Brian Buffini

“It’s a wise thing to invest.” –Joe Niego

“You gotta get the dead presidents working for you.”—Joe Niego

“To be successful, you have to start with your mindset.”—Ben Stewart

“I have yet to meet a rich pessimist.”—Ben Stewart

“People capture half the upside of the markets because they make decisions based on fear.”—Ben Stewart

“Invest in what you know and think long term.”—Jamie Hopkins

“Investment real estate is a business that’s disguised itself as an investment.” –Joe Niego

“[Owning real estate] is a working man’s path to wealth.”—Joe Niego

“It’s not a pure investment; it’s another business.”—Joe Niego

“No one will care for your money like you will yourself.”—Joe Niego

“Play to win the game. It’s a long game; stay in it.”—Ben Stewart

“Invest in what you know.”—Jamie Hopkins


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