“One thing is for sure. We’re going to survive this and we’re going to be stronger at the other end as an industry.” – Vince Malta

In these uncertain times, real estate professionals are experiencing unprecedented challenges on a national level. In this special bonus episode, Brian interviews NAR President Vince Malta about how the community can weather the Coronavirus pandemic and have confidence in the future. Topics discussed include how the home market will recover; why staying informed, keeping educated and getting trained is vital; and how virtual advances might streamline transactions.




  • How NAR is currently advocating on behalf of the industry.
  • How the recent $2 trillion CARE relief package will help the real estate business.
  • Why Realtors’ value proposition is more important than ever.



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Buffini Bonus Resources

U.S. Chamber of Commerce infographic

National Association of REALTORS®

NAR Right Tools Right Now

Realtor hotline: 1 800 874 6500



“Home is very important to me right now. I really appreciate my home, this place I call home, a lot more these days.” – Vince Malta

“I think people have a greater affection for their home. I think they have a greater affection for the people who made their home possible.” – Brian Buffini

“I think when we come out of this, there will be a great pent-up demand in the home business.” – Brian Buffini

“We saw that after 9/11…people really looked at home as their safe haven and so they invested a lot more in their home or they invested in a home.” – Vince Malta

“I think that we’re all going to get our home in order when this passes for sure. And there’ll be good opportunity to do so.” – Vince Malta

“Many markets in the United States are still doing a lot of buying and selling of homes right now.” – Vince Malta

“One thing I find with Realtors is they’re so resilient. And they’re so adaptable. And that’s what they are doing right now. They’re finding ways that they could help their clients either market their property or help them prepare for what they’re going to do or providing them the latest information regarding Covid 19 through this crisis, and so that is, I think so great about our Realtor community. They make things work in sometimes the most adverse situations.” – Vince Malta

“Stay up to date with the latest information.” – Vince Malta

“This is a time to really reflect and look inward in a sense as to how you need to perhaps redesign your business model. Educate yourself. This is the time to take and do those things.” – Vince Malta

“You’re going to be in a situation where you might want to do 12 months’ worth of business in about 9 months’ worth of work. And so, now’s the time to do training.” – Brian Buffini

“Now’s the time to be a voice of value in the marketplace.” – Brian Buffini

“Your expertise is needed more now than ever.” – Vince Malta

“Some online providers have pulled back their services because of what’s been going on, such as iBuying programs, etc. So I think that there’ll be a great need for real estate services as we move forward.” – Vince Malta

“That value proposition is going to be extremely important as we move forward. And I think that Realtors will be able to express that value proposition so greatly as they’re guiding people through this post Covid19.” – Vince Malta

“You’ve got to take the ‘self’ out of being self-employed, I think it’s important to connect as a community, connect with fellow agents, connect with your broker. – Brian Buffini

“Some blessings always come out of these trials.” – Brian Buffini

“Realtors aren’t going anywhere. We’re here for the long haul. We’re here to serve.” – Brian Buffini

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