We weather this storm; we come back strong.” – Ken Trepeta

In these difficult days, it’s reassuring to know that there are people behind the scenes helping to make the gift of homeownership a reality for many. In this episode, Brian interviews RESPRO® President and Executive Director Ken Trepeta to learn about the RESPRO® mission and find out how real estate professionals around the country are still closing transactions in the middle of a pandemic. Topics discussed include helpful technologies being used in the marketplace, advice on forbearances and why people who were made unemployed must not be penalized.    





  • Who RESPRO® is and what it does.
  • What Congress can do to help home buyers and sellers.
  • How the bounce-back will play out.



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“When I describe RESPRO®, basically we’re the source for one-stop shopping in real estate.” – Ken Trepeta

“There are impediments to getting deals done but, even in the hardest hit areas, people are coming through.” – Ken Trepeta

“The bottom line is, people are resourceful, people are entrepreneurial and people are getting the deal done.” – Brian Buffini

“America’s spirit – it can’t be held down, and it’s always reflected in real estate.” – Brian Buffini

“Real estate transactions can be done more quickly than ever, but they still take some time so there’s a lot of foundation you can lay, even in an area that is essentially shut down.” – Ken Trepeta

“We’re all in the same storm, but not everybody’s in the same boat.” – Brian Buffini

“Different states are opening up in different ways right now.”  – Brian Buffini

“Be real careful about forbearance. Only use it when absolutely necessary.” – Ken Trepeta

“If we weather this storm, I think demand will just get shifted.” – Ken Trepeta

“Like with every challenge, there’s opportunities here.” – Brian Buffini

“Old-fashioned customer service and caring for people is still at a premium.” – Brian Buffini

“People are ready to live life again. And part of living life again is getting a new home or upgrading.” – Ken Trepeta

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