“Whatever you think, you’ll create.” — Deanna Scott

Positive thinking is a central tenet of personal development. In this episode—Takeover Tuesday—Dermot Buffini interviews Lennox and Deanna Scott. Lennox Scott is the Chairman and CEO of John L. Scott Real Estate, one of the largest privately owned companies in North America. His wife, Deanna, is the author of the upcoming book, “Speaking the Language of Miracles,” about her son’s battle with a rare form of leukemia.

Throughout the episode, Deanna shares her story and how having a positive mindset not only helped her beat the odds when she was in a devastating accident as a teen, but helped her guide her son through the process of beating cancer.

You’ll learn why it’s important to focus on the outcome of a situation instead of dwelling on the situation itself, how to incorportate a positive mindset and affirmations into corporate culture and why Lennox credits his leadership team with helping him lead his company to fulfill a higher purpose. Get ready to be inspired!


Inspirational quotes from today’s interview:

“Look forward; what do you want to accomplish and what is the legacy you want to leave? As you become great, it allows the team to expand further.” — Lennox Scott

“Growing yourself allows your company to grow.” — Lennox Scott

“You have to take yourself out of the situation and walk in solutions.” — Deanna Scott

“There isn’t anything you can’t have today. Look at the outcome—is it positive or negative?” — Deanna Scott

“Walking in the outcome means whatever your situation is, walk in the outcome you want to achieve.” — Deanna Scott

“The miracles are in each and every one of us. We have to surround ourselves with positive people.” — Deanna Scott

“Be around people who can help you see the possibilities, not the problems.” — Dermot Buffini

“Whatever you think, you’ll create.” — Deanna Scott

“No matter what the situation is, people need our help. They need a professional.” — Lennox Scott

“Keep feeding yourself positive energy every day. Feed yourself by saying affirmations.” — Lennox Scott

“The situation is not who you are. You’re much more powerful than any situation on this planet. The fastest way out is to walk in solutions.” — Deanna Scott

“You’re most powerful when you’re present.” — Deanna Scott


Mentioned in the episode:

“Speaking the Language of Miracles,” by Deanna Scott

To experience “Speaking the Language of Miracles,” the print edition is available at Amazon.com. Buy now.

Visit speakingthelanguageofmiracles.com.


Future Shock by Alvin Toffler


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