Keep going. Start slow and finish fast.” Hal Higdon


Renowned runner, author and coach Hal Higdon has helped more people run longer distances that anybody else in the world. In this episode, Brian interviews Hal about the unique system he developed to help millions of average, everyday people train to run long distances.


  • How Hal developed his transformative training methodology.
  • Why that methodology works not only for running, but for life and business too.
  • How to set a goal, stay motivated and be consistent.

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“Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide,” by Hal Higdon

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“One of the most important things is to establish a goal. Know where you’re going to be long range – whether it’s a few months from now or a few years from now – and work towards that goal.” – Hal Higdon

“Don’t do it alone.” – Hal Higdon

“Learn from other people. Learn from other runners and enjoy life.” – Hal Higdon

“You have to continue to motivate yourself on a daily basis and keep in mind the amount of the goal.” – Hal Higdon

“It’s not how hard you train but that you continue to train over a long, long period of time.” – Hal Higdon

“Consistency is the real key in doing anything.” – Hal Higdon

“You’re born with talent to do something.” – Hal Higdon

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