“Growing means you’re leaving the comfort zone.” — Mel Robbins

According to best-selling author, Mel Robbins, she’s been figuring out what her next move is her entire adult life. Although she started her career in the legal field, she relied on her gut instinct to transition to careers in other fields, including coaching and media. However, it wasn’t until she combined all the things that energized her that she found her true purpose.

In this episode, Buffini & Company Master Trainer, J’aime Nowak, interviews Mel to learn more about her journey, from her childhood in Michigan to the lessons she’s learned throughout her career. You’ll learn about the “Energy Gauge” and the two questions you should ask when facing any kind of decision; how a “body audit” can help you gain clarity; and why counting backward from five can help you move past hesitation and spring into action.

During the conversation, Mel also offers her best tips and insight to help you tune into yourself and find what truly energizes you.

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Inspirational quotes from today’s interview:

“If you have parents who constructively argue over things and then resolve it, you have 10 times more likelihood to have a successful and happy marriage in your own life.” — Mel Robbins

“It was a moment in my life when I started lying and hiding information and I started being worried about disappointing people.” — Mel Robbins

“It’s only in owning the good and bad things that you can turn the page and use them rather than being used by them.” — Mel Robbins

“The most powerful thing you can do is own what has happened to you.” — Mel Robbins

“I’ve been exploring and figuring out my next move for my entire adult life.” — Mel Robbins

“Your body tells you whether you’re in the right job, the right situation in terms of where you live, the right romantic relationship, the right working relationship.” — Mel Robbins

“Your inner wisdom is always with you and always guiding you. The question is do you have the clarity to hear it and the courage to follow it?” — Mel Robbins

“If you’re facing a decision that requires you to do something outside of your comfort zone or requires you to change, your mind will talk you out of it in five seconds.” — Mel Robbins

“Growing means you’re leaving the comfort zone.” — Mel Robbins


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