The blue-collar mindset is about a job well done and done right.” Joe Niego


Everyone can learn something from the powerful values of the blue-collar work ethic. In this episode, Brian interviews top-producing agent and speaker Joe Niego about his blue-collar origins and mindset. Joe explains how this mentality translated so well in the white-collar world of real estate and brought about huge success in his life. Topics discussed include: Why it’s vital to seek accountability, why routines are so important and why you must know what you’re building if you want to succeed.



  • What it means to have a blue-collar mindset.
  • Why the blue-collar mindset is a success formula for any walk of life.
  • How to develop a blue-collar mindset.



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A Builder or a Wrecker,” poem



“There’s something about being compensated hourly – it helps you understand the value of money and the appreciation of money.” Joe Niego

“I believe physical work brings out special qualities in those that participate. It forces you to have the blue-collar mindset. It’s the labor and the toil that cultivates the human spirit and grows personal character.” Joe Niego

“A blue-collar mindset in work, and a blue-collar mindset in investing, ends up in a lot of green.” Brian Buffini

“There’s one indicator that determines my financial destiny. And that’s my blue-collar mindset.”   Joe Niego

“If you’re willing to do the dirty work, you can become filthy rich.” Ron Niego

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