Making sure we’re really intentional about who we give our energy to and who we don’t is key.” Molly Fletcher


In this fast-paced and pressured world, it can be difficult to know how to achieve your best and feel energized and focused. In this episode, Brian interviews trailblazing former sports agent Molly Fletcher, hailed as the female Jerry Maguire, about her innovative new book, “The Energy Clock.” Molly describes why the best athletes in the world are intentional about where they put their energy and outlines practical tools for you to properly prioritize time, give more of yourself to what’s most important and waste less of your time and resources on what’s not.



  • How to audit your energy.
  • How to seek the important.
  • How to set your energy clock.



The Energy Clock,” by Molly Fletcher

The Power of Full Engagement,” by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz



“I thought – what if I could take some of the mindset, behaviors and even a methodology that I saw great athletes and coaches use and lift it up and apply it into the world of business for business people to use so that they could not use time really as their central indicator, but rather energy, and could that, in fact, increase performance?” – Molly Fletcher

“I find, for myself, I cannot handle the volume of demand if I just manage time. It just doesn’t work. It’s all about managing energy.” – Brian Buffini

“I believe whatever you chase chases you back.” – Brian Buffini

“You better be better than your problems.” – Tom Izzo, basketball coach at Michigan State

“Relationships are integral to our business success. It’s everything. Are you putting energy in and investing in the right relationships?” – Molly Fletcher

“Relationships don’t do well without energy.” – Brian Buffini

“We can’t lead, we can’t serve, we can’t solve problems if we don’t have enough energy.” – Molly Fletcher

“If we can get really, really clear on what matters most, then what we have to have is really the discipline and the courage, at times, to say no to the things that don’t align with what matters most.” – Molly Fletcher

“Along the way, just be gentle on yourself. We have a lot of people that pull on us and we won’t get it right all the time but, the more we get it right, the more we show up as our best selves.” – Molly Fletcher

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