Heroes are not ordinary people who do extraordinary things. They are, in fact, extraordinary people who choose not to be ordinary.” Kevin Brown


The world needs heroes – people who lead, love and serve at a higher level. In this episode, Brian interviews author and speaker Kevin Brown about what it really means to be a hero. Kevin describes how he spiraled out of control as a teenager, how a special mentor helped to change the course of his life and how his son Josh’s diagnosis of autism and his wife’s resultant refusal to simply accept the storyline that life had given their child have inspired and influenced him immeasurably.



  • Why we all need coaches to improve.
  • Why the best sales principles never change.
  • Why our understanding of heroism should be redefined.



Buffini & Company MasterMind Summit

The Hero Effect,” by Kevin Brown


The Strangest Secret,” by Earl Nightingale

Biscuits, Fleas & Pump Handles,” by Zig Ziglar

The Greatest Salesman in the World,” by Og Mandino

The Spellbinder’s Gift,” by Og Mandino



“There’s a lot of role models that show up in our lives. Some good, some bad. Some teach us just what not to be like, and others teach us exactly what we should be like.” – Kevin Brown

“The skill sets of selling and being able to communicate profoundly changed my life financially and professionally.” – Kevin Brown

“Your past is a place of reference, not a place of residence.” – Kevin Brown

“We all need coaches. We all need people that will pour into us and make us better than we could have ever been on our own.” – Kevin Brown

“I believe that we were created with talents, gifts and abilities as unique as our fingerprints. And the truth of the matter is, the definition of a hero has been redefined in my life over the last decade to be not ordinary people doing extraordinary things, but to be extraordinary people who choose not to be ordinary.” – Kevin Brown

“Ordinary is a choice.” – Kevin Brown

“It’s amazing to me when you’ve got a compelling vision for your life and for your business the resources start to show up.” – Kevin Brown

“So many people get up every day and they accept the storyline that life gives them. They accept it as their truth and they walk it out every single day and they never give one single thought to the fact that the pen is in their hands, always.” – Kevin Brown

“Never stop searching for the gifts that you were given.” – Kevin Brown


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