“The question is, can you figure out your engine, your vehicle, so you can start doing better in your own environment?” – Rich Diviney

What are the key attributes for success in even the toughest situation? In this episode, Brian interviews retired Navy SEAL Commander Rich Diviney about his book, “The Attributes.” Rich explains how, through close observation of the most elite optimal performers, he learned to identify the hidden drivers of performance that explain how someone will succeed, both as an individual and as part of a team. Topics discussed include: the unique SEAL mindset, the difference between skills and attributes and the defining qualities of real leadership.



  • The five attributes of optimal performance.
  • How everyone possesses these attributes to varying degrees.
  • Why you must understand and cultivate your own attributes.



The Attributes

Draper Kauffman

The Shawshank Redemption” movie

Key to Yourself,” by Venice Bloodworth



“Courage cannot exist without fear.” Rich Diviney

“There’s a distinct difference between being in charge and being a leader. Being in charge is a noun, and being a leader is a verb.”Rich Diviney

“One of the most important jobs of leadership is oftentimes not to be in the front at all, it’s to push your people up front.”Rich Diviney

“Humility is a difficult thing. Because as soon as you think you have it, you’ve lost it.”Rich Diviney

“Laughter is a binding element that hacks into courage and allows us to keep going.” Rich Diviney

“Be resolute in the outcome, but don’t dictate the pathway. You have to be adaptable – the pathway is going to change.” Rich Diviney


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