A jackass is the common annoyance, it’s the everyday annoyance. But it’s the one that keeps happening.” – Scott Stratten


Have you ever had to deal with a jackass? In this episode, Brian interviews “UnMarketing’s” Scott Stratten about his new book – co-authored with Alison Stratten – “The Jackass Whisperer”. If you want to know how to deal with annoying people at work, at home and online – and even how to recognize the jackass within – then this podcast is for you!

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Inspirational quotes from today’s interview:

“My job is not to rehabilitate jerks on line; I’m not the jackass whisperer.” – Scott Stratten

“It seems like, to me, jackassery is on the rise!” – Brian Buffini

“The book is actually about empathy…the only thing we can control is ourselves.” – Scott Stratten

“Jackasses are the purveyors of pet peeves.” – Scott Stratten

“We can only stop the streak ourselves.” – Scott Stratten

“We don’t think we’re part of the problem. And if we don’t think we’re part of the problem, we’ll never be able to create the solution.” – Scott Stratten

“A jackass is the common annoyance, it’s the everyday annoyance. But it’s the one that keeps happening.” – Scott Stratten

“We only give the benefit of the doubt to people we have already confirmed are good people.” – Scott Stratten

“I believe humans are good.” – Scott Stratten

“When I’m out of sorts, everyone’s a jackass!” – Brian Buffini

“Whenever somebody is getting upset about something, it’s not the whole story.” – Scott Stratten

“Nothing happens in a vacuum.” – Scott Stratten

“Your mind is the biggest jackass of all.” – Scott Stratten

“Unfortunately, whoever gets us at the end of our rope is usually our family.” – Scott Stratten

“Pointed sarcasm in a relationship creates erosion.” – Scott Stratten

“Everybody in every situation can be one (a jackass).” – Scott Stratten

“We spend our whole lives trying to be in control of everything.” – Brian Buffini

“You can make the day different.” – Scott Stratten

“If today’s a bit better, that means tomorrow can be a bit better.” – Scott Stratten

“All we have is today.” – Brian Buffini


Mentioned in this episode:

The Brian Buffini Show, Episode 99

The Jackass Whisperer”, by Scott Stratten and Alison Stratten


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