“My father taught me that people could give me a bad minute of a day, but only I could give me a bad day.” — Mason Ludlow

Mason Ludlow began his career in retail as a trainee at S.S. Kresge, the company that eventually became Kmart. He quickly moved up through the ranks over his 25-year career, becoming the Director of Store Planning and Development at the height of Kmart’s retail glory. Although he loved his career—and racked up a million frequent flyer miles—he was feeling out-of-step with his family and struggled with work-life balance.

It took a journey to China to help him find balance—and himself. In this Takeover Tuesday episode, Mason shares his story with Dermot Buffini; from his Midwestern upbringing to his experience working in China to his return to the U.S. and finding a home at Buffini & Company.

He shares why teamwork is essential for building a successful business; why lasting success in the face of a changing industry hinges on checking in with your customers; and why it’s important to schedule play in your workday to be truly happy. He also shares great advice from his father that is sure to change your perspective on bad days.

Throughout his career, Mason has coached his staff to achieve more than they could on their own. If you’re ready to reach your full potential, visit buffiniandcompany.com/ccs to sign up for your complimentary coaching session.

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Inspirational quotes from today’s interview:

“Retail has changed dramatically and will continue to.” — Mason Ludlow

“I had to be with me. I had to be the first person to decide I was okay.” — Mason Ludlow

“I learned ‘play’ wasn’t a bad word.” — Mason Ludlow

“I knew the business, but I found me. I had been lost a long time.” — Mason Ludlow

“People is the name of the game and there are great people at Buffini.” — Mason Ludlow

“It’s about helping people do better than what they’re doing.” — Mason Ludlow

“I never did anything. WE did a lot. It never as about me.” — Mason Ludlow

“My father taught me that people could give me a bad minute of a day, but only I could give me a bad day.” — Mason Ludlow


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