“Success leaves clues, and people miss those clues.” — Brian Buffini

Do you want to discover what you were born to do? In this episode, Brian interviews author and broadcaster Ken Coleman about his new book, “The Proximity Principle.” Ken outlines the steps you need to take to get the job you love, whether you’re starting out, switching lanes or simply looking to grow your business. By the end of the episode, you’ll be equipped with proven strategies that will make your dream job a reality!

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Inspirational quotes from today’s interview:

“Most people are going to work every day and they don’t love what they do.” — Brian Buffini

“In order to do what you want to do, you’ve got to be around people who are doing it and in places where it’s happening.” — Ken Coleman

“The right people plus the right places equals opportunity.” — Ken Coleman

“Proximity puts me where I need to be and then it propels me to where I want to be.”  — Ken Coleman

“You put a koi fish in a small pond, it stays small. You put it in a large pond, it grows much larger.” — Brian Buffini

“The law of the zip code says that everything you need to get started is already around you.” — Ken Coleman

“There are times where quitting feels like the only thing to do. It seems like the smartest thing to do. But it couldn’t be any further from the truth.” — Ken Coleman

“You’ve got to find out what you do sometimes by finding out what you don’t.” — Brian Buffini

“Talent’s not enough. You’ve got to have the passion to really stick with it.” — Ken Coleman

“The sweet spot is using what you do best to do what you love to do most.” — Ken Coleman

“Proximity allows me to learn, do and connect.” — Ken Coleman

“Success leaves clues, and people miss those clues.” — Brian Buffini

“The men and women who are on purpose and successful are constantly looking for the right people and the right places to hang around.”  — Ken Coleman

“You can’t have community without proximity.” — Brian Buffini

“You want to put yourself in a situation where you’re truly learning the fundamentals of the role.” — Ken Coleman

“You’ve got to make sure you’re learning from people who are really, really gifted at teaching.” — Ken Coleman

“You’ve got to master one step before you get to two.” — Brian Buffini


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