As long as I’m granted another day sober, that’s the good life.”Chris Herren


Chris Herren, former NBA basketball player, author and wellness advocate, has shared his story of substance-use recovery with over 1 million people nationwide. In this episode, Brian interviews Chris about his struggle with addiction, his path to sobriety and his ongoing mission to make a positive difference in the lives of others.



  • How his addictions took hold.
  • How he battled back to sobriety.
  • How he is helping other people.



Fall River Dreams,” by Bill Reynolds

Unguarded,” ESPN Films 30 For 30

Silver Linings Playbook,” movie

Cinema Paradiso,” movie

Cool Hand Luke,” movie



“There was always another mountain to climb, you know. And by the time I got there, I was just tired.” Chris Herren

“I believe the word ‘rock bottom’ has killed a lot of people. I believe it’s prevented a lot of families from doing the right thing and intervening much earlier.” Chris Herren

“People who put more time into this early on, the chances of staying sober longer are much greater.” Chris Herren

“When it comes to this topic, we talk about the worst day and we forget the first day.” Chris Herren

“I’m an athlete. I’m a competitor. And I believe that recovery has given me a competitive edge. I believe it’s made me better in all facets of my life.”  Chris Herren

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