“You bet on me, you bet on this system and this philosophy, and you bet on yourselves. And then, in turn, each one of you became a role model and an example in your own markets, in your own communities that became pebbles in the pond.” Brian Buffini


Buffini & Company recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. To mark the occasion, Brian spoke to some of the earliest adopters of the working by referral system. In this episode, these special role models recall their memories of the first events and when and where they met Brian. They also share why they were drawn to the system to begin with, why they committed so strongly to it and how their lives have been changed as a result.



  • Why they took a chance on the system.
  • What they have learned about success over the years.
  • Why they have continued to follow the system for over two decades.



Buffini & Company MasterMind

100 Days to Greatness



“Consistency breeds trust and, without trust, you don’t get referrals. Do the things you’re good at, the things you enjoy, and just do those consistently. And it will pay off.” – Todd Nordstrom 

“Have clarity, absolute clarity, and then be persistent and consistent because you will get where you want to go. If your mind is very clear, if your vision is clear, your decisions are easy.” – Judy Adler

“Being committed to your goals and reviewing goals is a huge benefit.” – Larry Hassan

“Run your business like a business. Consistency is important. If you don’t know how to do it, get a coach, get some help. And listen to what you’re told and do what you’re told, not what you think is the best thing.” – Margaret Barton

“Read, read, read, read. And, in the reading, you help to learn who you are and what gift you have to give to other people.” – Sam Elzie

“Give it away in slices and it will come back to you in loaves. Operate from abundance and not scarcity. And in our business, where so many agents feel like there’s competition, there is no competition, we are our own competition.” – Edith Elzie

“This has been my life’s work.” – Brian Buffini

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