The power of your good name is ultimately the most valuable thing you have in your business.” — Brian Buffini

John D. Rockefeller was more than the oil tycoon who became the richest man in U.S. history; he was also a notable philanthropist who gave away more than $500 million over the course of his lifetime and founded the Rockefeller Foundation, whose mission is to promote the well-being of humanity all over the world. In this episode, Brian Buffini shares the 10 principles John D. Rockefeller lived by, which hung in his office for more than 55 years. Framed as “I believe” statements, these principles are as applicable today as they were when they first graced Rockefeller’s office. You’ll learn how the son of a conman went on to become a multi-billionaire, why Rockefeller celebrated the anniversary of his first job every year, the impact these principles had on future generations of the Rockefeller family and how you can adapt these “I Believe” principles into your life and pass on to future generations.

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Inspirational quotes from today’s podcast:

“I often trembled when I asked myself the question, ‘What if I had not got that job?’” — John D. Rockefeller

“If every person I meet I believe is of supreme worth, it changes me, it changes my interactions and it changes how I go through my day.” — Brian Buffini

“As an immigrant, I always wanted to work hard so that my kids had the opportunity.” — Brian Buffini

“Contracts are only as good as the person that’s behind them. The power of your good name is ultimately the most valuable thing you have in your business.” — Brian Buffini

“The best part of the self-help business is to get people off of the ‘self’ part and into the ‘serve’ part.” — Brian Buffini

“They’ve built a fortune. They’ve given away a fortune. They’ve influenced our culture.” — Brian Buffini

“A life well-lived is a life where your values are translated into those who come after you and those who come after them.” — Brian Buffini


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