“We can all learn how to be more honoring.” — Miles McPherson

 Miles McPherson is used to performing in front of large audiences, first as a defensive back for the San Diego Chargers and now as pastor of the Rock Church. The path from football player to religious leader and influencer wasn’t an easy one; however, it’s one he openly shares with his congregation each week.

In this episode, Brian interviews Miles about his journey. Miles reveals how his determination to play football led him to the Chargers after being cut from the Rams; how the admiration he had for two of his teammates caused him to give up drugs and recommit to God and his girlfriend (now wife); and how he came to build the Rock Church in San Diego.

He also discusses his new book, “The Third Option: Hope for a Racially Divided Nation,” which delves into the concept of race and honor. You’ll learn why it’s important to honor those who are different from you, how one can be racially offensive but not be racist, and three tips for bringing more respect to all of your relationships. Click here to learn more about Miles’ Race for Unity on September 15.

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Inspirational quotes from today’s interview:

“I knew the Gospel and I knew about God but I knew there was something they had that I didn’t have. They had an inner peace that I wanted.” — Miles McPherson

“When I would meet somebody, God would give me the sermon on how to love that person and encourage that person.” — Miles McPherson

“The secret sauce is being ‘real’.” — Miles McPherson

“I’m just a guy who’s trying to make it myself. I gotta bend my knee every day.” — Miles McPherson

“We’re trying to bring hope to every person we can, bringing them love where they’re at.” — Miles McPherson

“If you’re faithful with the little things, God will trust you with the big things.” — Miles McPherson

“It’s not what I can get; it’s what I can give them.” — Miles McPherson

“Keep the focus on the people, not the check.” — Miles McPherson

“You can be racially offensive and not be a racist.” — Miles McPherson

“We all can learn how to be more honoring.” — Miles McPherson


Mentioned in the episode:

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Race for Unity – September 15, 2018

Book: The Third Option

Website: Milesmcpherson.com

Rock Church: SDRock.com


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