“You can’t change what you don’t notice. But noticing changes everything.” – Tony Schwartz


Being our best selves even when faced with challenging emotions requires real practice. In this episode, Brian interviews Tony Schwartz about how we can become more aware of what we’re feeling and why so that we can better control difficult situations and not react defensively. Tony defines the three selves that live inside all of us, advises how we can positively learn from our mistakes and embrace life and teaches why we must accept all parts of ourselves. He also provides exclusive access to PeopleFuel®, a unique program that’s designed to help people more skillfully manage their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy.



  • Why it is so important to selfregulate.
  • How to summon your adult self when you feel threatened.
  • Why the opposite of a good quality is not a bad quality.



The Power of Full Engagement,” by Tony Schwartz

The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working,” by Tony Schwartz

Boundaries,” by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend

Jean Piaget

The Greatest Salesman in the World,” by Og Mandino




“What becomes so important during a time like this are two words: selfregulation, the ability to calm your own nervous system, to take good care of yourself.” — Tony Schwartz

“The question you want to be asking yourself when you start to get frustrated or angry is ‘What am I afraid of?’” — Tony Schwartz

“Adult development is something that can continue to happen all through your life, and one of the most powerful mechanisms for that is to develop that selfobserver, that capacity to stand back from your experience and observe it without reacting to it. Because, when you can do that, then you can make a decision, a choice, a deliberate choice about how you want to show up.” — Tony Schwartz

“The most virtuous quality overused becomes a liability.” — Tony Schwartz

“The only way to actually navigate the world gracefully is to hold both a positive quality and its opposite, but its positive opposite.” — Tony Schwartz

“Education without implementation is merely entertainment.” — Brian Buffini

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