Believe in yourself. Believe in your path. Believe that you can rebound from anything. And believe that what you seek you can have, if you truly believe.” – Apolo Ohno

 What does it take to have the mindset of an Olympian? In this episode, Brian interviews speed skater Apolo Ohno to find out how we can unlock our inner potential and be inspired to achieve at the highest level, even in challenging and uncertain circumstances. Apolo describes how he developed his talent over time, how he managed his drive so that it didn’t consume him and how he learned to pivot and reinvent himself when he retired.





  • When to take the long view and make calculated decisions.
  • Why dedication to preparation and process is the key to success.
  • Why consistency and hard work trump talent.



Zero Regrets,” by Apolo Ohno

Glory Days,” by Bruce Springsteen

Buffini & Company 5 Circle Fit



“Don’t allow one or two negative thoughts to detract away from the way that you communicate and interact with your family, with your loved ones, with your work and with the goals that you set forth on January 1.” – Apolo Ohno

“If you’ve been derailed, that’s OK. But you have within your control to get back on the wagon, to reassess the situation and to go on the attack that’s going to best suit what you’re seeking. And unless you do that, and take control, you’re just going to be a passenger in the speeding train versus being the conductor.” – Apolo Ohno

“I had the raw talent, but talent alone, unfortunately, is just not enough in the last 5 percent. It is merely just the starting line.” – Apolo Ohno

“There’s a competitive inner drive and a fire in all of us. I call it that high-performance mindset. So, when that’s switched on, you are very sharp, you’re very hungry and it’s time to get work done.” – Apolo Ohno

“I mean, the bottom line is what makes a champion, what makes an Olympian what makes a very successful person is a level of commitment where you’re allin.” – Brian Buffini

“Always continue to learn, and always stay hungry no matter what. We as human beings have the capacity to always grow. And we can change our neural chemistry through that system. We’re understanding how that works now. So, the mindset, to me was always the single greatest tool.” – Apolo Ohno

“When opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare.” – John Wooden

“Hopefully I can help people unlock their own inner potential in a way that they become more confident, more resilient, better relationships with their family, and they’re getting what they believe they both deserve and what they seek.” – Apolo Ohno

“My goal is to be better coming out of this than I was going into this. And that’s what I’m challenging people to do.” –  Brian Buffini

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