“You have to do what is expected of you, and then go do the unexpected.” — Brian Buffini

You may not think you’re in possession of a $1 million asset but you are: your good name. Like all assets, your name can be protected, built and compounded over time to become something truly formidable. In this episode, Brian explains what your name really means, how you can put your name to everything you do and how to make a name for yourself. By the end of the episode, you’ll be clearer about who you are, what your name represents and what you want your name to stand for.

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Inspirational quotes from today’s podcast:

“Your good name is one of the greatest assets you’ll ever possess.” — Brian Buffini

“What are you known for? What does your name mean? When people say your name, what comes afterwards?” — Brian Buffini

“My good name is a guiding value for myself, my company and my family.” — Brian Buffini

“Your name is a valuable thing. Your name has quality to it.” — Brian Buffini

“Your name is your brand.” — Brian Buffini

“You can have a positive brand, you can have a negative brand or you can have what most people have — which is an unintentional brand.” — Brian Buffini

“Your name is not just your brand — it’s also your reputation.” — Brian Buffini

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” — Warren Buffet

“Your name is also your reflection.” — Brian Buffini

“Most of us say things to ourselves that we would never allow anyone else to say.” — Brian Buffini

“Talk to yourself like a friend; like a respected friend.” — Brian Buffini

“You can make your name what you want it to mean.”  — Brian Buffini

“Your name is your bond.” — Brian Buffini

“Understand this massive asset and what it’s worth.” — Brian Buffini

“Doing the right thing is valuable.” — Brian Buffini

“Your good name will take you places.” — Brian Buffini

“Can you put your name to that? I got that principle from my grandfather and ultimately that legacy has passed on.” — Brian Buffini

“Your good name is the consistency with which you live over time.” — Brian Buffini

“You have to do what is expected of you, and then go do the unexpected.” — Brian Buffini

“When we understand the value of our own name, we’ll be more respectful to other people’s names.” — Brian Buffini


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