Keep doing, keep trying and keep analyzing.” – Brian Buffini

No matter where you are on the path to success, there’s always more to learn. In this episode, Brian answers questions on personal growth from Buffini Insiders. Topics discussed include how to untap your potential, find your true purpose and stay motivated. If you want to expand your thinking and keep growing, then this podcast is a must!

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Inspirational quotes from today’s podcast:

“When you’re totally free, you can be in bondage.” – Brian Buffini

“The best way to analyze your personal growth is to journal.” – Brian Buffini

“Along the way, life leaves little clues.” – Brian Buffini

“You want to find out the little things that mean the most to you.” – Brian Buffini

“A purpose can also be made up of a series of things.” – Brian Buffini

“There’s different seasons, there’s different reasons, there’s different places on the journey.” – Brian Buffini

“Find out what gives you that tuning fork moment.” – Brian Buffini

“Keep doing, keep trying and keep analyzing.” – Brian Buffini

“Follow the breadcrumbs.” – Brian Buffini

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

“Sometimes the tank runs empty.” – Brian Buffini

“Motivation is one day at a time. Success is one day at a time. Relationships are one day at a time. Business is one day at a time.” – Brian Buffini

“You’ve got to have the long-term vision…but success is one day at a time.” – Brian Buffini

“All organization breaks down into prioritization and systemization.” – Brian Buffini

“It gets down to first things first. What are the non-negotiables?” – Brian Buffini

“It’s always good to develop a ‘do not disturb’ sign for your forehead!” – Brian Buffini

“The worst feeling in the world is ‘I can’t win.’” – Brian Buffini

“I felt compelled once I had the chance to help people.” – Brian Buffini

“Often, out of your pain comes your purpose.” – Brian Buffini

“Along with the dream come a few nightmares!” – Brian Buffini

“Embracing the grind is the characteristic of the highest achievers.” – Brian Buffini


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