“I never met a piece of real estate I didn’t like.” – Brian Buffini

Brian Buffini has been teaching on finance for over three decades. In this episode, Brian answers financial questions live on air from Insiders, as well as questions submitted to the online Ask Brian platform. Topics discussed include giving with balance, aligning different financial philosophies and investing to build wealth.


  • How to give while still reaching your financial goals.
  • How to be more intentional and focused in what you do.
  • How to make a fortune with your investment strategies.


Please remember that while Brian has great insights to share, he can’t know your unique situation or what specific advice might apply best to you. You should always consult your professional advisors before making any financial or investment decisions.



“Finding Chika,” by Mitch Albom

“Becoming Warren Buffet,” movie

“Inside Bill’s Brain,” movie

Episode #036, “The Brian Buffini Show”

Episode #054, The Brian Buffini Show”



“Give it out in slices; it comes back in loaves.” – George Buffini

“You don’t give to get, but you do get because you give.” – Brian Buffini

“You’ve got to go after it with everything you’ve got. There’s a life and death struggle to every entrepreneur.” – Brian Buffini

“Real estate is the fairest business there is because everything you put into it is what you get out of it.” Brian Buffini

“Investment real estate is another job; it’s another business and you have to view it as such.” Brian Buffini

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